BOGO Free Holiday Sale


What is your purpose? 

  • Our mission is to celebrate service professionals by selling bracelets that honor professionals, unite individuals with similar passions, and give back to organizations that directly impact service professionals.

When I purchase a bracelet what will I receive?

  • Each purchase comes with a uniquely handwoven bracelets of complementary colors to show support of service professionals.

Do the bracelet colors represent anything specific?

  • The bracelets come with two distinct colors intertwined to portray that connection between service professionals.  The two colors signify that despite our differences we all are united around one cause, to help others.

Why should you buy a bracelet?

  • For too long the professions that we represent have been unappreciated and are not treated as professionals.  By wearing a bracelet, you would be honoring service professionals and their selfless sacrifices.  Additionally, a portion of every bracelet sold is donated to a charity that supports the service organization that it represents. 

What organizations are you donating to?

How much do you donate?

  • Unlike many other organizations that only donate a portion of their profits to a limited number of charities, we ensure that ten percent of our total sales are donated to foundations that represent each difference maker.

What if my bracelet breaks?

  • All of our bracelets come with a lifetime guarantee.  If your bracelet breaks for any reason, just email us the color or colors of the broken bracelet and we replace it for free.

What if I want to return my bracelet?

  • We know that you will love our bracelets as much as we do, but we understand that sometimes you change your mind.  We get that, but instead of making you go through the hassle of returning the bracelet we want you to keep the bracelet and simply email us for a refund.  We believe that our bracelets can only celebrate people who make a difference if they are in our communities, so keep the bracelet or give them to a friend, it is totally up to you.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us:     Email:    Phone: 302-314-3668