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Wear - Share - Care

Wear these bracelets as a symbol of pride.  Proudly represent the countless hours teachers have contributed to our children.  Use it as a constant reminder of the positive impact of teachers. 

Wear together

Share a bracelet with a co-teacher, future teacher, retired educator, students, community members, and family members to connect and represent the most important profession in the world.  

Share together

As a way to honor the care and love teachers have for each of their students, we donate 10% of profits to feeding students in need.  One bracelet shared can feed up to 25 hungry students 


Unify Teachers. Feed Hungry Students.

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Finally, someone recognizes the importance of teachers!

Lauren C.

Proud educator of thirty years, proudly representing our profession.

Alan E.

It feels good to know that I'm not alone.

Jamie M.